lash tint                                    30.00

lash & brow tint                      50.00

lash extensions- full set        250.00

Lash extensions are a glamorous way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes- a practical, convenient and beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara. The initial set is a 2 hour appointment in which we choose the length, thickness and curl type to achieve the desired results.  Due to the length of the appointment, please call us directly to book. 443.949.7303

lash extensions- refill            75.00

Touch-ups are recommended after the initial full set application to refill any lashes that have cycled out.  To maintain the full, thick appearance of a new set of lashes, schedule a refill appointment every 3 weeks.  Each refill appointment is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

lash extensions- consult       50.00

We recommend this appointment for those trying lash extensions for the first time in order to ensure that there is no adverse reaction.  The fee will then be credited toward the full-set when scheduled.